“Thousands of people in South San Luis Obispo County currently participate in the performing arts.They are dancers, singers, actors; they work on videos, play instruments, do improv; they work alone or in small groups or in large companies. And they not only provide endless entertainment for all of us, but they also provide joy, laughter and a culture of caring that only the arts provide,” said Johnna Clark, one of the founders of SAVE FCPA.

“We are fortunate that the Five Cities already has a beautiful performing arts center (the Clark Center) and other smaller venues that guarantee our performers have a place to perform; but long before a performer ever hits the stage, countless hours are spent honing their performance skills. And in those long hours of preparation, artists learn the value of hard work, perseverance, confidence, and teamwork. Skills that stay with them long after the performance is over. Skills that not only change their lives but help make them successful contributing members of our communities! And that’s why this group has come together. That’s where we need help!”


“We have performers; but we don’t have the space!” said Sigrid Long founding Board Member of CPAF, Coastal Youth Theater and Beyond Boundaries. “And there is an urgent need for scholarship funds so that everyone who has talent has the opportunity to learn and grow. The lack of space has become a crisis, fueled by rising rents and the same housing crisis that effects everyone in the county. In fact, recently a well-known local performing arts studio was forced to close its doors due to the increased demand on large rental space and an inability to economically relocate. That left more than 300 children without a creative home. That’s truly tragic, and we can’t wait any longer. It’s time to act now. That’s why we’ve joined together.”